Training for healthcare professionals

Victim Identification and Trafficking Awareness

Bespoke, evidence-based training packages designed to equip healthcare professionals to identify, support and refer potential victims of modern-day slavery, whilst acting safely and appropriately during a consultation.


Tens of thousands of victims of human trafficking are living and working in the UK


30% of victims present in healthcare services whilst or shortly after their time in slavery

1 in 8

1 in 8 healthcare professionals reported previous contact with a patient they knew or suspected of having been trafficked

8 in 10

8 in 10 felt they hadn’t had enough training


95% were unaware of the scale of trafficking in the UK

About our training

Victims of modern slavery are presenting in healthcare settings and are not receiving the safeguarding and care they need.

The solution is not just about raising awareness. VITA training aims to improve identification, support and care for victims by equipping healthcare professionals to know what to do. It delivers practical, user-friendly, evidence-based guidance.

This training has been created and refined by doctors, who regularly apply the techniques and skills they teach during their own clinical practice.

More than 1000 healthcare professionals have attended VITA training. Our training has been shown to improve trainees knowledge and confidence particularly in identification, conducting the consultation and referral.

Bespoke tailored training is available for NHS Foundation Trusts, General Practices, healthcare professional trainee programmes and other health services.

Training packages

Training presentation

  • Unlimited group sizes.
  • 1 or 2 hours presentation lengths

Simulation training

  • The above presentation with simulated consultations
  • Minimum of 5 trainees required, maximum of 40
  • Approximately 1 facilitator required for every 5 trainees
  • Actors and facilitators provided

Training with video scenarios

  • The above training presentation with video scenarios
  • Unlimited group sizes
  • Facilitators optional

Hand-out document

  • For all VITA Trainees

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Our team of experts

Dr Rosie Riley

Dr Rosie Riley BSc MBChB

Founder, CEO and Trainer of VITA Training.
NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur.
Junior Clinical Fellow in Emergency Medicine

Rosie works as doctor at a teaching hospital in London. She graduated with a medical degree and a BSc in Global Health from the University of Bristol. During 3rd year, she developed VITA Training and delivered it initially in a GP setting. Her results have been included in a Department of Health-commissioned systematic review and she has advised development of national multi-agency training materials on trafficking for NHS England in 2016. She is now a Clinical Entrepreneur for NHS England.

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Dr Toby Bonvoisin

Dr Toby Bonvoisin MBChB

Co-founder and Trainer of VITA Training.
Academic Foundation Doctor

Toby works as a doctor in Hull, East Yorkshire. He has been part of the VITA team since 2016, providing training to hundreds of healthcare professionals in midwifery, emergency medicine, general practice and other disciplines. He has also been a fully trained volunteer First Responder for the Salvation Army since March 2017, a role which involves interviewing potential victims of trafficking for entry into the Home Office's National Referral Mechanism.

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Dr Lucy Williams

Dr Lucy Williams BSc MBChB

Developer of VITA e-learning.
Junior Clinical Fellow

Lucy works as a doctor at a teaching hospital in London. She graduated with a medical degree and a BSc in Global Health from the University of Bristol, where she wrote a thesis on human trafficking. She has also written a featured article for Student BMJ about training for medical students and advocates for inclusion of this subject in undergraduate training. She is instrumental in delivering the e-learning modules for VITA Training.


VITA training is evidence-based and prepares candidates for real-life encounters with victims (often by using simulated consultations). Not only will this training improve performance in appropriately managing the complex human trafficking cases who present to our services, it significantly improves communication skills overall and forces providers to reflect on how they are interacting with all of their patients.

— Specialty Registrar, Emergency Medicine

This training should be mandatory

— Consultant, Acute General Medicine

I felt more confident dealing with (a case of a patient being identified as trafficked) following the training because I had greater understanding of the situations people who have been trafficked have to deal with; previous life situations, reasons for coming to UK and the reality of the situations they find themselves in compared to hopes and dreams they may have had, how frightened and vulnerable they must feel.

— Practice nurse, General Practice

I have experienced plenty of compulsory online training as part of the induction process for each new hospital. Safeguarding training is always one of the tickboxes, and often fairly far back in the queue. This is completely unacceptable as an undeniably crucial skill set for frontliners is being buried under a mountain of paperwork and bureaucracy. It is wonderful to see Dr. Riley and her team tackling this issue head on by providing evidence-based and engaging training for all providers that encounter human trafficking - an issue that we should be far more aware of in the healthcare community.

— Specialty Registrar, Emergency Medicine
Best Poster

Best poster in Education category

Royal College of General Practice Annual Primary Care conference and exhibition 2017

Best Poster

Rosie Riley

NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur


Global Estimates of Modern Slavery: forced labour and forced marriage.

International Labour Office and Walk Free Foundation in partnership with International Organization for Migration, 2017

Caring For Trafficked Persons: guidance for health providers.

International Organization for Migration, Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 2009

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We are in the process of creating our online e-learning module. This module will be a useful training resource both alone and as part of our training packages. Via an interactive format, VITA e-learning re-enforces material delivered in the training presentation and simulation.

The module includes a virtual clinic, allowing trainees to put their consultation skills into practice.

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